Carie and the SoulShakers

Cali Style Rock Funk & Soul

Sultry soul. Blistering blues. Familiar funk.

Latest ALBUM: LOVE OUT LOUD is available online & Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz CA

Angels in Flight part one

At 4am a lovely Lyft driver gently scooped my bleary bones up on a foggy San Francisco street at 4am. Nematullah's pleasant chitchat kept me conscious until we reached the airport. The airport, where I usually feel confident and empowered, was filled with tense, angry, uptight security and tsa staff. It was through dim and dulled lens that these hardworking folks were being perceived. They were fine. It was me. Just shy of staggering, I checked my bag with what little cash I had as the amply stocked bankcard I had was declined. Once my Strat and I were safely through the Forrest of Angries with badges, I had just enough time to find my gate, get in line and get on board. The fight attendant was tickled to learn the secret guitar stashing spot behind first class. She quickly added that I should bring her a diet Coke as she handed me back the cup of Peers coffee I barely remembered purchasing. My bones found the reserved north-facing window seat. I thought, "this is HAPpening!" Barely buckled in and already twitching to sleep when Raoul squeezed his teddy bear bear bulk into the middle seat. Luckily - Dan White's evil twin didn't look like a very good flight friend. Raoul didn't know that his gentle prod was jolting me out of the fifth hour of sleep I'd had in 52 hours. I kept nodding off like a junkie. He smoothly handed me his napkin fir the slosh of cooler that resulted from one of my abrupt nod-offs. Sleep finally handed me some relief and I gave Raoul a cd as a parting gift. Hopefully he'll play it at the wedding party he's going to in Cancun.